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Osztályozó szövetbetétes gumirosták

Sorting rubber mesh

Based on their type, we distinguish the sorting sieves created by combining – without insert, – with fabric insert, – with metal insert, and – fabric + metal insert.

Snap-on sieves in an alternative design and made of highly wear-resistant rubber material.

Inclusion dimensions adapted to the factory system and based on individual dimensions.

Hole size (perforation) on request.


Profile rubber

The profile tires are made in thin or thick-walled versions.

These profiles are made in simple or complex designs, using press or extruded technology.

Depending on the type of material, it can usually be wear-resistant, oil-resistant, and weather-resistant.


Rubber parts

Production of special rubber tires with or without metal inserts.

Rubber bumpers torsion springs.
Fixing rubber bars for earthmoving machines.

Retreading of the running rollers of rubber tracked tractors. Production of rubber rings for earthmoving machines. Specially designed rubber inserts for fruit slicing machines.

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